About us

ECOtanka Canada is managed and operated by JoSuJoTrading Corp, a family run business by Joerg John and Supitcha John.

Upon planning an overseas vacation, Joerg & Supitcha need good quality insulated drink bottles to take on their trip. After searching the internet for some time they could not find the bottles they wanted in Canada so they searched Europe to see if they could find and they found ECOtanka.

Upon arriving in Europe, they received their new bottles for there vacation and took them back to Canada as they were so satisfied with the quality of the product. The John family wanted to be apart of ECOtanka to give others a quality experiment like the one they had in Europe, so they made contact with ECOtanka Global and an opening was open that they took.

They are glad to be a part of the ECOtanka Global family now and able to help to do there part in protecting the environment for the next generation to come...our children.